Sakata Sheep Placenta 90 Capsules (Manning 358)

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Shansheng Sheep Placenta The King of Out of Stock! Keep youthful and bright, create the myth of immortality! Do you still remember the hot scene when sheep placenta was out of stock on October 20? It's a pity that the whole line is out of stock after the sale, and many friends have not bought it. Dengfeng is very sorry. Four months later, we ushered in the spot price of sheep placenta. It is available in Mannings in Hong Kong. The quantity is limited. The hand is fast and the hand is slow. Hurry up and start ordering. About Placenta Scientist Professor Carl discovered an active substance in sheep embryo cells that can activate human aging cells, promote cell regeneration and division, and force decayed or aging cells to reactivate or be eliminated, so that organs with degraded functions can restore vigorous vitality. 01 Composition of Sheep Placenta constitution Sheep Embryo is an active protein extracted from the liver of a 5-month lamb embryo to remove impurities, heat-sensitive proteins and various risk factors that may cause allergic reactions, and then use some advanced technology to extract The active cells are separated to obtain dozens of different types of active cells with different functions such as thymocytes, placental cells, liver cells, etc. Finally, freeze-drying technology is used to keep the cells fresh and viable. 02Extraction and preservation Placenta extract and save The extraction, refining, and injection preparation of Sheep Embryo Extract is a very complicated technology, and mass industrial production is not yet possible. It can only be done in some laboratories in Switzerland until today. , Switzerland’s sheep embryonic preparation technology is still a national secret of Switzerland. Switzerland is the only country in the world that has mastered the technology of sheep embryonic refining and purification. It is also the only country that holds a formal sheep embryonic injection license, which can carry out sheep embryonic anti-aging. Treated country. The purified goat embryonic live cells have extremely high storage requirements. They can only be stored for up to 6 months under extremely harsh temperatures (-196℃ liquid nitrogen refrigeration), and are not suitable for long-distance transportation (dedicated dry ice at -78.5℃) For transportation in a storage box, the intermediate process should not exceed 24 hours), so the price is extremely high, and it is a luxury that a very small number of people can afford. 03 Placenta effect of sheep placenta effect (1) Enhance the body's immune function, improve the body's defense ability, and reduce the risk of cancer; (2) Increase cell permeability, improve microcirculation, increase oxygen utilization, and increase cell activity (3) Improve the elasticity of skin collagen and fibrin; (4) Regulate the body’s metabolic system, reduce lipids and cholesterol; (5) Activate the hormone endocrine system, improve sexual function and delay menopause; (6) Increase DNA repair enzymes Activity, repair damaged cells, improve organ and tissue function. 04 Sheep Placenta Sheep Placenta Sheep Placenta is some active substances extracted from sheep placenta, which is essentially different from Sheep Placenta. The placenta is a transitional organ that exchanges substances between the mother and the child during pregnancy from the embryo and the mother’s endometrium. The fetus develops in the uterus and depends on the placenta to obtain nutrition from the mother, while the two sides maintain considerable independence. The placenta is also an important secretory organ that can produce a variety of hormones to maintain pregnancy. Among the many animal placenta, the cell molecular structure of sheep placenta is very similar to human placental cells. It contains a variety of amino acids and nucleic acids, gonadotropins, prolactin, growth factors, lipopolysaccharides and other steroids and enzymes necessary for the human body. It has pharmacological functions such as excitatory glands, growth promotion and immune enhancement, which can improve sleep quality, improve constipation, enhance sexual function, improve skin elasticity, thickness and luster, and make human body functions appear youthful. The production and preparation of sheep placenta is relatively simple, and it is not restricted by ethics and animal protection organizations. It has a wide range of sources and is relatively cheap. 05 Precautions Precautions The essential difference between sheep embryo extract and sheep placenta extract. The names of sheep embryo extract and sheep placenta extract are easy to confuse, and their surface treatment effects (anti-aging effects) are also very similar, but their principles are fundamentally different. Sheep placenta extract (the same is true for human placenta extract) regulates the metabolism of the human body through exogenous active substances (mainly hormone components), which has a faster effect and a short curative effect, and has an inhibitory effect on the normal endocrine of the human body. , It will cause the human body to become dependent, and long-term supplementary treatment is needed to maintain the stability of the internal environment and maintain its curative effect; while the sheep embryonic element stimulates the potential regenerative ability of human cells through active cells, and stimulates the body’s endocrine to fight against The aging effect is slower, the effect is longer, and there is no drug dependence. Lamb Placenta Lamb Placenta is selected from natural sheep placenta, refined with advanced Japanese technology, and you can get a single capsule for skin problems. Placenta effect of Hansei® Sheep Placenta effect (1) Skin Regeneration Sheep Placenta effect can stimulate the regeneration of elastin and collagen in skin cells, help increase skin elasticity, enhance luster, and have significant effects on improving skin quality and reducing wrinkles . Sheep placenta can also help excrete the melanin in the body, reduce dark spots, maintain youthfulness and whiteness, and create a legend of immortality. (2) Anti-aging Sheep Placenta can stimulate the regenerative ability of cells and tissues, keep the human body youthful and vigorous, thereby maintaining vitality, delaying aging, improving the health of various organs, rejuvenating declining organs, and prolonging life. (3) Strengthen physique, strengthen liver and kidney. Sheep placenta can not only enhance body resistance, nourish qi and blood, reduce free radical accumulation, improve physical fitness, and strengthen immunity. It is also aimed at improving liver and kidney health, warming kidney and nourishing essence, both men and women. Taking.

Delivery processing time:

For the time being, our company provides two online order delivery services:
1. Pickup at the store: pick up the ordered goods at the store with the phone number.
2. Shunfeng Express: Express to the customer's designated location. Our company and Shunfeng Express are partners, all goods will be delivered by Shunfeng Express, and all Shunfeng Express pick-up points can pick up the goods.

Freight calculation (SF Express)

First 1kg $30
Total weight 2kg $42
Total weight 3kg $54
Total weight 4kg $66
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Total weight 6kg $90
Total weight 7kg $102

*If more than 7kg, the company will arrange company car delivery

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Hong Kong-Le Jin Trading Co., Ltd. [Tesco Health] was established in 2012, and an upstairs shop has grown to today's business in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia

The main business covers health products, cosmetics, nutritional foods and personal care products.

In view of the popularity of the Internet, overseas high-quality health care products are more widely known. In view of this [Taihao Batch] began to purchase a large number of products overseas in 2016, mainly in the United States, Australia, Europe, Japan, and Thailand. Direct order to ensure product quality assurance
Because it is a large number of orders, the price will have certain advantages.
The logistics will be directly shipped from overseas to Hong Kong in one-stop
to ensure that the price and timeliness are stable

I hope to achieve several major features:
1.It is like a shopping guide because pharmacy products generally lack price transparency, so I hope to do it To a guide for customers to first understand the product's utility and price
2.I hope to bring overseas well-known brands to Hong Kong and sell them to Hong Kong citizens and overseas customers at the best price to start Hong Kong brands
2. br>3.In fact, there are many well-known health care products in Hong Kong that are well-known overseas and there are many Chinese and Hong Kong people overseas, so I hope to use the Internet to understand and bring Hong Kong brands to the world in the simplest way
4. Hope to be able to make a mobile phone with the simplest order mode and the easiest product website structure. Products with good structure can be sent to customers in the fastest speed

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Sakata Sheep Placenta 90 Capsules (Manning 358)

$450.00 $225.00