Chinese patent medicine for children

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日本龍角散(金,藍,紅) xccscss.

Ryukakusan (gold, blue, red)

$36.00$45.00 Ryukakusan can be said to be a household item in Japan. Ryukakusan has been in Japan for more than 200 years and is loved by the Japanese. Exquisite and...
余仁生保嬰丹6支裝 xccscss.

Eu Yan Sang Baoying Pill 6 packs

Hong Kong Eu Yan Sang Baoying Pill contains six bottles of Chinese patent medicine. Compared with western medicine, the side effects are much smaller. Hong Kong has a family essential...
CHING ON TONG 正安堂小兒感冒素櫻桃味 120 毫升.

CHING ON TONG Ching On Tong Children's Cold Vegetarian Cherry Flavor 120ml

Introduction:Natural plant formulaCherry flavorContains natural vitamin C Relieve nasal congestion, runny nose, headache, sore throat, itchy throat, thick sputum, heavy turbid cough, hoarseness, pale red tongue, thin and white coating...
京都念慈菴 兒童枇杷蜜 15克x8 xccscss.

Kyoto Ninjian Children's Loquat Honey 15gx8

$90.00$45.00 Detailed introduction"Kyoto Ninjian Children's Loquat Honey" is carefully selected including Houttuynia cordata and other natural herbs and honey to protect the throat health and enhance immunity. Sweet orange flavor,...
位元堂猴棗化痰散10⽀裝 xccscss.

Weiyuantang Monkey Jujube Resolving Phlegm Powder 10 Pack

Weiyuantang Houzao Chutan San is made of selected precious monkey dates and other preparations to eliminate phlegm and relieve cough, dispel wind and relieve convulsions, relieve vomiting and relieve diarrhea,...
馬百良珠珀猴棗散 (6瓶).

Ma Bailiang Zhupo Monkey Date Powder (6 bottles)

Product description Applicable: Xiaoer phlegm-heat convulsion, shortness of breath and throat, coughing and phlegm, palpitations, sleeplessness, liver heat and convulsion. Functions: clearing away heat and eliminating phlegm, relieving cough and...

Zhengantang Children's Stomach Syrup (Orange Flavor) 120ml

Zhengantang Children’s Stomach Boost, this is the fruity "orange flavor" that babies like. It contains natural vitamin C, invigorates the spleen and appetite, increases appetite, eliminates food stagnation, repels insects...
位元堂 珠珀保嬰丹 6支裝 xccscss.

Wai Yuen Tong Pearl Baoying Pill 6pcs

$116.00$58.00 Product introduction:*WeiYuanTang Pearl Bo Ying Pill 100% made in Hong Kong*Contains bezoar, pearl, amber Three major ingredients*Help to relieve convulsion and resuscitation, relieve phlegm and relieve cough* 100% natural...
余仁生猴棗化痰散一支裝 xccscss.

Eu Yan Sang Monkey Date Resolving Phlegm Loose One Pack

Eu Yan Sang Monkey Jujube Powder recommended for mothers and babies: Hong Kong Eu Yan Sang Monkey Jujube Phlegm Powder (1 bottle) Ingredients: Monkey Date, Bamboo Polygonatum, Dannan Star, Fangfeng,...
<transcy>Eu Yan Sang Seven Star Tea 12 Pack</transcy>

Eu Yan Sang Seven Star Tea 12 Pack

Product description‧Better digestion and sleep more peacefully‧Sugar-free formula to avoid sweet habits br data-mce-fragment="1">Quantity per piece 12 tea bags per box / 2 grams per tea bagHow to use Put...
美林菊花精 xccscss.

Merrill Lynch Chrysanthemum

Baiqi 2X😍 It’s easy to catch a cold during the season, and it’s uncomfortable if you don’t speak your throat 😷 Both adults and children drink chrysanthemum crystal! ! !...
馬百良萬應保嬰丹 (6支).

Ma Bailiang Wanying Baoying Pill (6 sticks)

Product description Applicable: Baby palpitations, sleep and sleep convulsions, irritability and crying, colds, colds, hot body and excessive sputum, cough and runny nose, bloating and pain, reluctance to eat, intestinal...
<transcy>Swiss Vitalp Fruit Multi-dimensional Solid Drink 200g</transcy>

Swiss Vitalp Fruit Multi-dimensional Solid Drink 200g

Swiss chrysanthemum extract solid beverage is not any additives, it is easy to dissolve in water, adopts the latest production technology, and imported from Swiss pharmaceutical standards. Selected Alpine chamomile...