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Brands 白蘭氏 蟲草雞精16樽裝 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Brands Brands Cordyceps Chicken Essence 16 Bottles

Product description Cordyceps sinensis is a traditional Chinese precious qi-replenishing and health-preserving remedy. It nourishes the lungs and kidneys, helps improve the body's vitality, and promotes the health of the...
Brands 白蘭氏 雞精16樽裝 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Brands Chicken Essence 16 Bottles

Product description Hong Kong people live a busy life and tend to lack energy. But there are challenges in work and life! To perform well at every critical moment, you...
Brands 白蘭氏 燕窩 6支裝 Brands

Brands Bird's Nest 6pcs

Product description 100% pure bird's nest,FTIR infrared spectroscopy to identify bird’s nest,no added sugar, preservatives or artificial colors Quantity per piece 70g X6 How to use Ready to drink, can...