Adult Western Medicine

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【限2盒】動必骼 Mobility 生物活性骨膠原蛋白肽(100% Fortigel)10克x30包裝 sanofi

Fortigel Bioactive Collagen Peptide (100% Fortigel) 10g x 30 pack

Product introduction: MOBILITY Bioactive Collagen (100% Fortigel) 30 packs x 10g Clinically proven cartilage regeneration Detailed introduction Dongbigu is a joint nutritional supplement made by advanced German hydrolysis technology. It...
Neurobion內絡必安 維他命 B1,B6,B12 60粒 Neurobion

Neurobin Vitamin B1, B6, B12 60 capsules

Neurobian Vitamin B1,B6,B1260 capsules Product descriptionThe nervous system in the human body is like a network extending in all directions, in charge of the movement, touch and information transmission of...
七海 Seven Seas Jointcare Extra Pro Plus 90粒 Seven Seas

七海 Seven Seas-Jointcare Extra Pro Plus 90粒

內容 Triomega 魚油濃縮物,omega-3,硫酸氨基葡萄糖氯化鉀。 描述 每粒膠囊含有:硫酸氨基葡萄糖氯化鉀 500mg、Triomega 濃縮魚油 420mg,相當於 273mg Omega-3、139mg EPA(二十碳五烯酸)和 92.4mg DHA(二十二碳六烯酸)。本產品包含魚、甲殼類和大豆產品。 成人:每日 3-4 粒,飯中或飯後隨液體服用。 用於懷孕和哺乳期 懷孕或計劃懷孕的女性在服用本產品前應諮詢醫生。 貯存 存放於 25°C 以下陰涼乾燥處。
Panadol 必理痛特強傷風感冒24粒裝 Panadol

Panadol 24 Capsules

Cold medicine from Hong Kong, ‎especially easy to use‎ one, just take 2 tablets for every ‎cold‎. 24 ‎Panadol TM Panadol, a special formula for Panadol, which can fight back...
[日本]小林製藥 喉痛露噴劑15毫升 小林製藥

[Japan] Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Sore Throat Lotion Spray 15ml

Product description •For bacteria that cause throat inflammation, the active ingredients of this product can be sterilized and disinfected.•No cotton swabs are required. Special long nozzles can ensure that the...
安鼻靈噴霧10ml(薄荷味) 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Anbiling spray 10ml (mint flavor)

Anbiling original nasal congestion quantitative spray Anbiling mint formula nasal congestion quantitative spray Rhinitis and nasal congestion nemesis! ! If you have a cold and blocked nose, use Anbiling ⚠️...
Sato 佐藤風寒敵傷風感冒丸 20s 香港註冊編號 HK-52251 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Sato Sato wind cold enemy cold pill 20s Hong Kong registration number HK-52251

Relieve symptoms of the common cold and flu, such as fever, headache, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing and phlegm.
Fluimucil - 橙樹化痰素 A200 (Sugar Free) New Packaging 30包(成人) Fluimucil

Orange Tree Phlegm Elimination 20 packets (adult)

Adult Phlegm Resolving Supplement 200Mg 20 Packets Fluimucil Orange Tree Resolving Phlegm Suspension Supplement (Made in Switzerland): In addition to soothing respiratory phlegm caused by excessive phlegm, its antioxidants can...
[英國] 4head 偏頭痛緩解棒 Headache & Migraine Relief Stick 3.6g 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

[UK] 4head Migraine Relief Stick Headache & Migraine Relief Stick 3.6g

Description Imported from the UK. Product description------------------- 4 The head is a specially designed headache treatment method, which is directly applied to the forehead without the need for tabletsQuickly and...
法國Sterimar海豚鼻炎噴劑 100ml(成人) Sterimar

French Sterimar Dolphin Rhinitis Spray 100ml (adult)

French dolphin children/adult nasal spray 100mI can easily cause a cold and runny nose, and the air quality is too poor, it is recommended to clean the nasal cavity every...
樂信化痰止咳水120ml 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Lexin Phlegm Relieving Cough Water 120ml

Sputum cough, dry cough, cold cough, nasal congestion, runny nose and sneezing caused by allergies, colds, colds or similar upper respiratory tract infections, etc.
[限買1盒]Panadol 必理痛特效30粒裝 Panadol

Panadol 30 capsules

30 capsules of PANADOL Advance special effects for pain control 💁 is an analgesic with paracetamol as the main ingredient. It can effectively relieve the following various pains and physical...
樂信感冒靈15片裝 樂信

Lexin Ganmaoling 15 Tablets

Indications for symptoms caused by influenza, cold, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis and similar respiratory infections or allergies. Symptoms such as: headache, fever, skeletal muscle aches, swelling of...
【大正製藥】 口內炎痱滋軟膏大正A 6g 大正製藥

【大正製藥】-口內炎痱滋軟膏大正A 6g

• 舒緩嘴唇乾裂、嘴唇潰爛、口腔炎、舌炎、口角炎、口唇炎。 • 可將水分吸引到表面並保護受影響的區域免受刺激。 商品說明 產品簡介: • 大正A口腔炎軟膏為治療口腔炎、口角炎所研發的軟膏 舒緩嘴唇乾裂、嘴唇潰爛、口腔炎、舌炎、口角炎、口唇炎 • 患部密合度佳,即使用於口腔內仍可長時間包覆患部,避免刺激且有效成分持續作用。 產品效果: • 舒緩嘴唇乾裂、嘴唇潰爛、口腔炎、舌炎、口角炎、口唇炎。 • 可將水分吸引到表面並保護受影響的區域免受刺激。 • 該技術使配方不會黏附在牙齒等周圍,並且具有長時間覆蓋患處且附著力優異的特點。 使用方法: 請務必遵守規定用法、用量。 每天2~4次,取適量塗抹患處。 請勿於患部或其周圍髒污的情況下使用。 兒童使用時,請於家長的指導監督下使用。 產品成分: 每100g中含 • セチルピリジニウム塩化物水和物…0.1g • アラントイン…0.5g 添加物:キシリトール、カルボキシビニルポリマー、ヒプロメロース、ゲル化炭化水素、香料、l-メントール。...
幸福醫藥 特強幸福傷風咳熱飲 5包裝 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Xingfu Medicine Extra Strong Xingfu Cold and Cough Hot Drink 5 packs

Expectant, nasal congestion formula Effectively relieve cold and flu symptoms, including cough, phlegm, fever, nasal congestion, headache, muscle aches and sore throat Quickly relieve nasal congestion Non-drowsy formula Effectively and...

Sensitive Speed ​​10 Capsules

Name of product: Zhimin speed Specifications: 10-piece pack Place of Origin: Switzerland Function: ZYRTECCetirizine Hydrochloride 10mg Quickly relieve allergic symptoms Sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes It can inhibit the bronchoconstriction...
[限買1盒]Panadol 必理痛24粒裝 Panadol

Panadol 24 capsules

It's painful If you think all paracetamol pills are the same, it's time to change. Optizorb's modified paracetamol formula from Optizorb (Optizorb formula) adds Optizorb decomposition technology to change the...
Panadol 必理痛 傷風感冒丸30粒 Panadol

Panadol 30 Capsules

$130.00$78.00 Product descriptionEffectively relieve cold and flu symptoms, body aches and feverContain vitamin CQuantity per piece 30 tabletsHow to use Adults (12 years old or above) take 2 capsules each...
必理痛經痛配方 12粒 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Bili dysmenorrhea formula 12 capsules

Place of Origin Ireland Product introduction It can effectively relieve various pains caused by menstruation. It can be taken on an empty stomach. Active ingredients Each capsule contains 500 mg...
【萬寧版】Neurobion Forte 30 Tabs 【Vitamin B1, B6, B12 】|Maintain healthy Nervous System Neurobion

【萬寧版】Neurobion Forte 30 Tabs 【Vitamin B1, B6, B12 】|Maintain healthy Nervous System

描述 效果鞏固神經系統健康有效緩解背部疼痛、肩頸疼痛、手部疼痛和刺痛有效消除疲勞和肌肉無力成分氰鈷胺素(維特曼B12)吡哆醇鹽酸鹽(維特曼B6)二硫化硫胺素(維特曼B1) 描述 臨床證實神經元細胞受損,改善腎炎、修腳、背痛、肩頸疼痛等問題。說明每天一片,在沸水中,不應咀嚼,或根據醫生服用。
日本SATO 佐藤製藥 令痛止 20粒裝 香港註冊編號 HK-46411 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Japan SATO Sato Pharmaceutical Relief Pain Relief 20 Capsules Hong Kong Registration Number HK-46411

Relieve symptoms such as fever, headache, migraine, menstrual pain, toothache, earache, neuralgia, arthralgia, low back pain, shoulder pain and muscle pain in women. Combined with the powerful analgesic and antipyretic...
Movefree 益節 氨基葡萄糖軟骨素PLUS MSM-5 in 1 120粒 Movefree

Movefree Glucosamine Chondroitin PLUS MSM-5 in 1 120 capsules

$447.00$168.00 Description Packing number: 120 tablets 3 tablets per day Features: Contains glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM (methylsulfonyl methane), joint fluid (or hyaluronic acid), Uniflex® formula, with 5 signs of joint health:...
Panadol 必理痛傷風感冒特強熱飲 5包裝 Panadol

Panadol Extra Strong Hot Drink 5 Packs

Product introduction: The vitamin C content is similar to that of a lemon, which promotes cold recovery.Relieves fever, headache, sore limbs, nasal congestion, sore throat and chills and other cold...
Sato 腸樂通 偶發性便秘紓緩劑 36粒裝 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Sato Chang Le Tong Occasional Constipation Relief 36 Capsules

Relieve occasional or non-persistent (caused by water and soil or hemorrhoids) constipation symptoms. Bisacodyl ingredients help stimulate the peristalsis of the large intestine, and together with the stool softener DSS,...
佐藤 Sato Vitaminen B1 B6 B12 + E 100粒 SATO

Sato Vitaminen B1 B6 B12 + E 100 capsules

Preventive vitamin B1, B6, B12 and E management to avoid any malnutrition, physical fatigue, muscle pain or weakness, Insufficient diet, increased dietary requirements, pregnancy or breastfeeding, during or after illness,...
安鼻靈噴霧10ml(原味) 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Anbiling spray 10ml (original flavor)

Anbiling original nasal congestion quantitative spray! Anbiling mint formula nasal congestion quantitative spray! Rhinitis and nasal congestion nemesis! ! If you have a cold and blocked nose, use Anbiling ⚠️...
維多C 三重功效維他命 C 泡騰片 (香橙味) 30片 維多C

Vitamin C Triple Action Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets (Orange Flavor) 30 Tablets

Product introduction:Main function:- Helps to enhance health against colds- Helps to reduce the duration and severity of colds- Helps to improve immunity, each tablet can get equal to 10 Fresh...
白兔牌暗瘡膏18g 強效祛痘膏去痘印去粉刺不留痕女男可用 白兔牌

白兔牌暗瘡膏18g 強效祛痘膏去痘印去粉刺不留痕女男可用

白兔牌暗瘡膏~ 對青春期由於荷爾蒙作用引起的皮脂分泌過盛, 皮膚表面角質層增厚,阻塞毛孔出口而引起的暗瘡有顯著功效。 產品特點 采用專門針對東方人肌膚研制的高效去痘配方,能有效去除暗瘡。 使用高濃度膏狀物作為載體,只需用少量,即可去掉痘痘。 能防止疤痕形成,使肌膚再現光滑細膩,時刻煥發均勻白皙的光彩。 產品功效 1 軟化暗瘡表面、促進皮脂從毛孔中排出。 2 將剩余皮脂吸收、令患處幹爽。 3 消炎、殺菌、促進暗瘡愈合、預防結疤。 使用方法 每日二至三次將適量藥膏塗於患部,避開創口。 先將臉部清潔洗凈,再塗抹藥膏。 休息或睡前使用,效果更佳。 註意事項 1 正在接受醫生治療,面部暗瘡嚴重者,請您在使用前咨詢醫生。 2 不要塗在傷口上,也不要大面積塗藥。 3 膏體變紅或變綠:這是正常的氧化現象。多因蓋子沒蓋緊,或使用時打開蓋子時間過長引起。 4 膏體稀薄,有液體狀是溫度高引起的,溫度高導致膏體內的油脂成分出離。把管口的稀薄部分擠掉即可。 5 特殊過敏性肌膚,或過敏性發痘,或毛囊蟲引起的皮膚病,本品可能無效,請咨詢醫生。 6...
Neurobion內絡必安 100粒 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Neurobion內絡必安 100粒

內容 每個選項卡維特 B1100毫克,維特B6200毫克, 維特 B12200微克 指示/使用 由 vit B 缺陷引起的神經系統疾病。 點擊查看神經比恩詳細的處方資訊 劑量/使用方向 每天 1 - 3 個標籤。 點擊查看神經比恩詳細的處方資訊
【法國】Quies Doculyse 耳垢去除噴霧劑 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

[France] Quies Doculyse Ear Wax Removal Spray

Gently but effectively dissolves earwax blockage Do you think your ears are blocked? This may be because earwax has been affected, causing blockage. Blockage occurs when naturally occurring earwax—the way...
COLTALIN幸福速效傷風素24粒裝 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

COLTALIN Happiness Quick-acting Cold Cold 24 Capsules

Full range of products Quick-acting happy cold and cold element Quick-acting formula for nose water/anti-allergic/cold and flu Effectively and quickly relieve symptoms caused by colds, including sneezing, runny nose, fever,...
(現貨)澳洲BEGGI 外塗式麥盧卡精油鼻炎膏 3.5g(兒童) 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

(Spot)Australia 🇦🇺BEGGI External Manuka Rhinitis Ointment 3.5g (Children)

Product description 👃🏻 Savior for people with sensitive nose🌟 【💥The world's first externally applied rhinitis cream💥 】 Australia 🇦🇺 BEGGI Manuka essential oil rhinitis ointment for external application 3.5g Several...
[日本製造]大正藥制口內炎(10枚入) 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

[Made in Japan] Endo-stomatitis manufactured by Taisho Medicine (20 pieces)

[Second-category medicines] Dazheng endooral inflammation patch quick-acting is a patch that is "sticked" to the wound in the mouth. It has excellent adhesion in the oral cavity, tightly covering the...
Neurobion Forte內絡必安 50粒 Neurobion

Neurobion Forte內絡必安 50粒

內容 每個選項卡維特 B1硝酸鹽 100 毫克, vit B6Hcl 100 毫克 + vit B125,000微克 指示/使用 維特 B1, B6, B12補充營養不良的情況下, 個人服用藥物, 對 vit 狀態有影響 - 其他人。 點擊查看神經比恩福特詳細的處方資訊 劑量/使用方向 每天1個標籤。 點擊查看神經比恩福特詳細的處方資訊
維多C 雙重功效兒童雜果味咀嚼片90片裝(維他命C+鋅) 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Vitamin C Double-Function Children's Mixed Fruit Flavor Chewable Tablets 90 Pieces (Vitamin C + Zinc)

Product descriptionVitamin C® dual-effect children's chewable tablets have a unique "vitamin C + zinc", and its effective ingredients help children grow and develop children. Vitamin C helps speed up the...
COLTALIN幸福傷風素24粒裝 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

COLTALIN 24 capsules

Full range of products Happy cold wind element Nose collection/anti-allergic/cold formula Effectively and quickly relieve symptoms caused by colds, including sneezing, runny nose, fever, nasal congestion, muscle aches, headaches and...
SATO-佐藤 INOSEA 胃適爾咀嚼片 18粒 香港註冊編號 HK-49933 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

SATO-Sato INOSEA Chewable Tablets 18 tablets Hong Kong registration number HK-49933

Pin   Brand: Sato (Sato ) Registration number: HK-49933 Package: 18 pieces Place of Origin: Japan Manufacturer: Sato Pharmaceutical Product description Relieve symptoms such as stomach pain, gastritis, heartburn, indigestion,...
康鈣C 30粒支裝(橙味) 康鈣C

Kang calcium C 30 sticks (orange flavor)

Product description Ingredients: 1000 mg of vitamin C + 260 mg of calcium 1/Each tablet of Kang calcium C contains 1000 mg of vitamin C + 260 mg of calcium,...
Panadol 必理痛特快 20粒 Panadol

Panadol Pain Express 20 Capsules

Product DescriptionBeli Pain™ Express can quickly relieve headaches, toothaches and body aches. It has been clinically proven that Bilitong™ Express can relieve pain more quickly and effectively than ordinary paracetamol...
Sinomarin® Adults 鼻腔噴霧劑125ml Sinomarin

Sinomarin® Adults 鼻腔噴霧劑125ml

成人國藥素是一種100%天然的,經臨床證明的鼻腔噴霧劑,可自然緩解鼻塞,稀釋粘液並有效清潔鼻腔,有助於防止感染。它是定期保持鼻腔衛生和緩解鼻塞的理想選擇 。 在以下情況下使用 感染性鼻炎(普通感冒和流感) 過敏性鼻炎(季節性花粉症或全年性) 鼻炎的其他原因(例如妊娠) 竇炎 定期的鼻腔衛生 鼻腔補液 鼻腔益處 1緩解鼻塞並稀釋粘液,使其更容易消除,自然恢復鼻呼吸 2有效清潔鼻腔(連續流動噴霧),去除粘液和粘液捕獲的雜質(感染因數,過敏原,刺激物,污染物),有助於防止鼻腔和繼發感染,例如鼻竇炎 3滋潤鼻子,幫助緩解鼻腔乾燥 4有助於恢復鼻子的自然功能 5通過緩解與鼻塞相關的癥狀來説明改善生活品質   額外福利 正常噴霧,實現高效清潔(只要將噴嘴壓下,溶液就會流動) 單向閥可防止溶液污染 100%純天然不含藥物、添加劑和防腐劑 無嗜睡、習慣形成或反彈效應 安全有效 單獨使用或一起使用 成人國藥素單獨使用安全有效或與藥物治療聯合使用,以説明提高整體治療效果並説明減少整體藥物攝入量。   適用於 形式 組成 劑量 6歲以上的兒童和成人...
維多C D鈣 橙味水溶片30片裝 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Vitamin C D Calcium Orange Flavor Water-soluble Tablets 30pcs

Product descriptionCan the health point compete for D? One tablet of D-Calcium Vitamin C® daily helps you take in calcium, vitamin C and D, helps calcium absorption, strengthens bones, strengthens...
COLTALIN幸福傷風素特強咳24粒裝 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

COLTALIN Cough Cough 24 Capsules

Full range of products Extra-strength happy cold cough factor Comprehensive formula for relieving cough and removing phlegm/cold and flu Effectively relieve cold and flu symptoms, including fever, runny nose, sneezing,...
日本SATO 佐藤製藥 保爾膚 25粒裝 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

SATO Sato Pharmaceutical, Baoerfu 25 Capsules

Replenish the vitamins B2 and B6 lost due to improper diet due to oral diseases, during and after illness. Vitamin B2 and active B6 can relieve rash, stomatitis, oral injury,...
[英國] 4Head Quickstrip 4 strips 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

[United Kingdom] 4Head Quickstrip 4 strips

Product description Quick stripes 4-head QuickStrip is an advanced hydrogel strip specially formulated for instant Relieve the pain caused by migraines and severe headaches. The feeling of cold helps relax...
COLTALIN幸福止痛素特強16粒 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

COLTALIN Happiness Pain Relief Extra Strength 16 Capsules

Full range of products Extremely strong happiness analgesic 12 capsulesStrong, special analgesic and antipyretic formulaStrongly and effectively eliminate various pains, including headaches, Toothache, menstrual pain, muscle aches, sore throat, or...
西班牙Cinfa莎華傷風感冒丸14粒裝 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Spanish Cinfa Sahua Cold and Cold Pills 14 Capsules

The common cold is very common. Since the editor is sensible, I don’t know that a friend has never had a cold. But do you know how many kinds of...
Sinomarin Mini Spray 30ml Sinomarin

Sinomarin Mini Spray 30ml

有助於以完全自然的方式緩解鼻塞,促進鼻腔分泌物的流動。特點:•照顧鼻子並保持鼻子始終清潔和無粘膜對於我們鼻子的 正常運作至關重要。• 使用中材精迷你鼻腔解決方案,您可以根據完全天然的產品(如海水)獲得正確的鼻腔 衛生。配方:• Sinomar Mini 鼻腔溶液配方由比生理或等滲溶液更高濃度的礦物鹽和微量元素組成,有助於以完全自然的方式緩解粘 膜充血。利潤:• Sinomar鼻腔溶液有助於滋潤鼻粘膜。•特別適用於我們打算使用的減充血藥物是禁忌的,例如懷孕,哺乳或高血壓和糖尿病的情況。使用方法:•在使用鼻腔溶液之前,您應該擤鼻涕以清除任何積聚的粘液。• 然後每個鼻孔噴 1 到 3 次,每天2 或 3 次。
日本明治藥品 GABA 深度睡眠片60粒 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Meiji Medicine GABA Deep Sleep 60 Tablets

Product Name: Meiji Pharmaceutical Japan Meiji Gaba Deep Sleep Tablet Sleepwell Sleepwell Sleep 0 Melatonin Ampoule 1 bottle Product ID: 71973170674 Product origin: Japan Blue hat logo: Health Food Applicable...
Movefree 益節 葡萄糖胺軟骨素-4in 1 80粒 Movefree

Movefree Glucosamine Chondroitin-4in 1 80 Capsules

Description Package quantity: 80 tablets2 tablets per day Features:Containing glucosamine, chondroitin, joint fluid (or hyaluronic acid), Uniflex® formula, with 4 signs of joint health: comfort, mobility and flexibility, strength and...
【3包裝】DHC/蝶翠詩 葡萄糖胺軟骨素 20日/120粒 DHC

【3包裝】DHC/蝶翠詩 葡萄糖胺軟骨素 20日/120粒

DHC - 軟骨素補充片60粒 保護關節強健骨骼(20日份量) ✦產品簡介  人體中存在許多關節,例如手指、肩膀、膝蓋、股關節等等,總數高達約140種。雖然關節可說是骨骼與骨骼間的連接橋樑,但是與骨骼直接接觸的部位其實是半透明狀的軟骨組織,它可發揮如軟墊般的緩衝功能,防止關節活動時,骨骼間因直接摩擦而產生耗損與不適。其中,軟骨素正是維護軟骨彈性與滋潤的關鍵要素。 軟骨素(Chondroitin)「軟骨的原料],主要是由黏多醣類及胺基酸所構成,在人體關節軟骨中約佔27-43%,是構成軟骨的主要成分。另外,海參、昆布等植物及鯊魚、牛、豬、雞等動物軟骨中亦含有軟骨素成分。 軟骨素最大的特色就是含有具黏稠性的黏多醣類成分,它不僅能夠修護關節、新生軟骨、保護骨骼健康,同時更具有保濕及維持彈力等功能。 ✦成份 麥芽糖醇、魚翅抽出物、蜂王乳粉末、鋅酵母、牡蠣萃取粉末、脂肪酸蔗糖酯、維他命E、微晶纖維素、蟲膠、卵殼鈣、粘稠劑(阿拉伯膠)、棕櫚蠟。 ✦產品功效 增加皮膚彈性,滋潤肌膚,強健骨骼關節,守護健康 ✦食用方法 建議一天服用 3 粒,飯後用溫水吞服;請按照每日攝取量服用,避免過量攝入 ✦注意事項 - 請遵照每日建議用量服用,身體感到異常時請停止服用。 - 請確認原料,有相應食物過敏者請勿服用。 - 特殊人群(如兒童、孕婦、哺乳期·藥物治療期間等人群),請諮詢醫師後服用。 - 健康食品對服用時間基本沒有規定,用餐後服用更易消化吸收。 - 請於食用後立即關緊封口並儘速食用完畢。 - 請置於陰涼乾燥處,避免陽光直射。 -...