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Vita-Jianling Five-color Ganoderma 72 Capsules

Product descriptionVitejianling five-color ganoderma is a collection of five types (six species) of natural wild ganoderma, extracted according to ancient recipes, which can improve the body’s immunity and strengthen physical...
維特健靈維新烏絲素90粒裝 xccscss.

Vita-Ling-Vitamin Usilk 90 Capsules

Product descriptionThe new formulation of Weixinwusisu is the first Chinese herbal medicine-based most advanced product to improve hair loss and gray hair. After continuous research, the experts of Vite Jianling...
<transcy>Neurobin Vitamin B1, B6, B12 60 capsules</transcy>

Neurobin Vitamin B1, B6, B12 60 capsules

Neurobian Vitamin B1,B6,B1260 capsules Product descriptionThe nervous system in the human body is like a network extending in all directions, in charge of the movement, touch and information transmission of...
瑞典卡士蘭 肝美健40粒裝.

Swedish Casslan Liver Health 40 Capsules

Product descriptionReplenishing the liver and protecting the liver, whitening and lightening classes. Double antioxidant, guarantee 100 unit SOD (superoxide dismutase), 11mg GSH (glutathione). A healthy liver produces EPL (essential phospholipids)...
陳老二燕窩滋陰丸(26條裝) xccscss.

Chen Lao Er Bird's Nest Nourishing Yin Pills (26 packs)

[Chen Lao Er Bird's Nest Ziyin Pills] Poor sleep, irregular menstruation, many dark spots, severe hair loss, cold limbs and hair loss, those with large spots can try this Hong...
維特健靈 - 滋寶奇珍60粒.

Vita Health Ling-Zibao Qizhen 60 Capsules

Product introduction "Zibao Qizhen" is based on the secret recipe of Changchun used by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. It is extracted from 20 precious medicinal materials. It can...
<transcy>Sun Life Aegis Seal Pills 300 Capsules</transcy>

Sun Life Aegis Seal Pills 300 Capsules

Aegis Seal Pill 300 capsules 🕪Men’s supplement, the most people buy it. In fact, people with kidney deficiency can be nourished. Hong Kong's famous Sun Life Aegis Seal Pills. Locally...
PURAGOLD 培力金靈芝® 90粒裝(萬寧883).

PURAGOLD Ganoderma Lucidum® 90 Capsules 90 Capsules (Wanning 883)

Product descriptionGold Lingzhi® combined with the essence of Liuzhi, a blend of Chi Zhi (for the heart), Zizhi (for the joints), Qingzhi (for the liver), and Baizhi (for the lungs)...
黄道益活絡油50ml 擁有50年老字號,專注研製,用心製藥.

Huang Daoyi Huoluo Oil 50ml has a 50-year-old brand, focuses on research and manufactures

Product features: ♦ Huang Daoyi Huoluo Oil has a 50-year-old brand, focusing on research and development, and making pharmaceuticals with heart ♦ Huang Daoyi Huoluo Oil eliminates various pains in...
馬百良安宮牛王丸10粒 xccscss.

Ma Bailiang An Gong Niu Wang Pills 10 Capsules

Ma Bailiang Angong Niuhuang Pills Ma Bailiang has a long history. Founded in 1822, Ma Bailiang, who is rooted in Hong Kong, has always developed and provided health care products...
<transcy>Tianxitang Tianxi Pills 12pcs 120 Capsules</transcy>

Tianxitang Tianxi Pills 12pcs 120 Capsules

Hong Kong Tianxitang Tianxi Pills 120 capsules 💁Female Menstruation Regulation Essential Health Care They are all pregnant 🎉🎉🌟 a hundred years of history, and the reputation is so strong. It...
<transcy>Tianshoutang Gusao Pills 12pcs</transcy>

Tianshoutang Gusao Pills 12pcs

Registration number of proprietary Chinese medicines: HKC-00965 Lot number: label on the outer box Effective date: marked on the outer box Introduction Gynecological Tiaojing Pills are hard to count for...
日本胃仙U 100粒裝 xccscss.

Japanese Stomach U 100 Capsules

Product description "Wei Xian-U" double-layer tablets, the outer layer contains a strong antacid, which dissolves quickly after taking it, which will neutralize excess gastric acid and protect the gastric membrane....
華星堂 紫花油 26ml xccscss.

Huaxingtang Purple Flower Oil 26ml

Indications: cold and nasal congestion, dizziness, headache, motion sickness, abdominal pain and fullness, mosquito bites Main ingredients: menthol, eucalyptus oil, wintergreen oil How to use: When necessary, apply an appropriate...
<transcy>Taihedong cough pills 12 pieces</transcy>

Taihedong cough pills 12 pieces

Hong Kong Taihedong Long Cough Pills 12 packs, whether you cough day and night, have sputum but no sputum, or you can't stop coughing, or can't sleep at night, cold...

Japan Xuetong 60 capsules (Watsons version $698)

Product brand: HEALTHProduct origin: JapanProduct specifications: 60 395 mg capsules, 30-day dosageMain ingredients: Gymnema Extract of Armour vine extract; Crystalline Cellulose (Adsorbent); Corn Starch; Corn Starch; Aloe Arborescens Mill Extract;...
健肝素 - Essentiale 健肝素60粒.

Heparin-ESSENTIALE Heparin 60 Capsules

https://youtu.be/P-0KtV9gGHg Detailed introduction Heparin, made in Germany, a liver-protecting health food selected by doctors, the No.1 medical brand specializing in liver-protecting*! Jiaparin contains natural EPL (hepatic phospholipid), and it has...
位元堂養陰丸24粒裝 xccscss.

Weiyuantang Nourishing Yin Pills 24 Capsules

Weiyuantang Yangyin Pills Functions and indications: Helping righteousness, preventing illness and strengthening the body, warming yang and dispelling cold, replenishing qi and invigorating the spleen. It is suitable for the...
馬百良 强身海狗丸 400粒裝 xccscss.

Ma Bailiang Strengthening Seal Pills 400 Capsules

Commodity introduction:This pill is based on the principles of Chinese medicine, using more than ten kinds of precious medicinal materials, refined with modern technology, can overflow the door, help fire...
<transcy>Panadol 24 Capsules</transcy>

Panadol 24 Capsules

Cold medicine from Hong Kong, ‎especially easy to use‎ one, just take 2 tablets for every ‎cold‎. 24 ‎Panadol TM Panadol, a special formula for Panadol, which can fight back...
<transcy>Orange Tree Phlegm Elimination 20 packets (adult)</transcy>

Orange Tree Phlegm Elimination 20 packets (adult)

Adult Phlegm Resolving Supplement 200Mg 20 Packets Fluimucil Orange Tree Resolving Phlegm Suspension Supplement (Made in Switzerland): In addition to soothing respiratory phlegm caused by excessive phlegm, its antioxidants can...
<transcy>Sakata Sheep Placenta 90 Capsules (Manning 358)</transcy>

Sakata Sheep Placenta 90 Capsules (Manning 358)

Shansheng Sheep Placenta The King of Out of Stock! Keep youthful and bright, create the myth of immortality! Do you still remember the hot scene when sheep placenta was out...
Hisamitsu撒隆巴斯外用鎮痛貼40⽚裝 xccscss.

Hisamitsu Salonpas topical analgesic patch 40 pack

40 pieces of the famous Japanese salumbas analgesic patch, small S recommends [强][强]! Absolutely kill any domestic stickers! Salombas has sold as many as 18 billion packs in the past...
<transcy>Megumi Materna Bath Oil DHA 30 Capsules (New Version)</transcy>

Megumi Materna Bath Oil DHA 30 Capsules (New Version)

Detailed introduction Wyeth® Mother Algae Oil DHA Ingredients DHA algae oil (docosahexaenoic acid); stabilizer/gelling agent (modified corn starch); humectant (glycerin); sunflower oil; water; stabilizer/gelling agent (carla Gum); humectant (sorbitol); antioxidant...
小林製藥安美路紅色80ml xccscss.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Amway Red 80ml

Red 80ml! Blue 82ml, Japan 🇯🇵An‌Meilu, the gospel of ‌head-down people‌💃💃💃‌The heat quickly penetrates the affected area and effectively relieves the shoulder and neck pains and shoulder pains, muscles, stiffness,...
余仁生保嬰丹6支裝 xccscss.

Eu Yan Sang Baoying Pill 6 packs

Hong Kong Eu Yan Sang Baoying Pill contains six bottles of Chinese patent medicine. Compared with western medicine, the side effects are much smaller. Hong Kong has a family essential...
【香港行貨】以嶺  蓮花清瘟膠囊 24粒

【香港行貨】以嶺 蓮花清瘟膠囊 24粒

產品説明   每件數量 每盒1袋,每袋2板,每板12粒,每粒裝0.35克。 使用方法 口服。一次4粒,一日3次。本品不能長期服用或遵醫囑。 儲存方式 密封,置陰涼乾燥處。 優點 清瘟解毒,宣肺泄熱。用於熱毒襲肺證,症見發熱,惡寒,肌肉酸痛,鼻塞流涕,咳嗽,頭痛,咽乾咽痛,舌偏紅,苔黃或黃膩。
<transcy>COLTALIN Happiness Quick-acting Cold Cold 24 Capsules</transcy>

COLTALIN Happiness Quick-acting Cold Cold 24 Capsules

Full range of products Quick-acting happy cold and cold element Quick-acting formula for nose water/anti-allergic/cold and flu Effectively and quickly relieve symptoms caused by colds, including sneezing, runny nose, fever,...
<transcy>Mentholatum Peppermint Cream 1 Ann (fine)</transcy>

Mentholatum Peppermint Cream 1 Ann (fine)

Product introduction: External cold care seriesDoes not contain steroids and medicinal properties. It can be used for daily cleaning of the nasal cavity, effectively washing away allergens, moisturizing and protecting...
<transcy>He Jigong Pain Relief Powder 24 Pack</transcy>

He Jigong Pain Relief Powder 24 Pack

Hong Kong veteran Ho Jigong relieves pain and relieves fever. For every headache, take a packet of flushing water, and it will be relieved after 5 minutes! Dear friends reported...
<transcy>Anbiling spray 10ml (original flavor)</transcy>

Anbiling spray 10ml (original flavor)

Anbiling original nasal congestion quantitative spray! Anbiling mint formula nasal congestion quantitative spray! Rhinitis and nasal congestion nemesis! ! If you have a cold and blocked nose, use Anbiling ⚠️...
<transcy>Panadol 30 capsules</transcy>

Panadol 30 capsules

30 capsules of PANADOL Advance special effects for pain control 💁 is an analgesic with paracetamol as the main ingredient. It can effectively relieve the following various pains and physical...
萬寧九骨通120粒(萬寧498) xccscss.

Wanning Jiugutong 120 Capsules (Wanning 498)

Capital NO1 ​Japan Jiugutong 120 Capsules: It is really good for rheumatism, gout, foot pain, low back pain, herniated disc, arthralgia, and menstrual pain. The world's first bone therapy is...
保心安油 (大).

Baoxinan oil (large)

~30ml🇭🇰 Hong Kong Anxinbao Baoxinan Oil Baoxin Oil Indications; relieves dizziness caused by minor collisions or joint pain, minor headaches, and joint rheumatic pain. Chest discomfort caused by cough, chest...
<transcy>Oronain medicinal cream 100g</transcy>

Oronain medicinal cream 100g

100g (Oronain H ointment) is called "universal ointment", a must-have, the finale. Used for various skin problems, the main effects: acne, rash, heat rash, eczema (itchy skin) , Frostbite, ringworm,...
<transcy>Li Zhongshengtang Bao Chai Pills 10 packs</transcy>

Li Zhongshengtang Bao Chai Pills 10 packs

Li Zhongshengtang Bao Chai Pills (10 bottles per box, net weight 1.89g per bottle), each bottle of Bao Chai Pills is designed in a small pill form. Compared with a...
<transcy>COLTALIN 24 capsules</transcy>

COLTALIN 24 capsules

Full range of products Happy cold wind element Nose collection/anti-allergic/cold formula Effectively and quickly relieve symptoms caused by colds, including sneezing, runny nose, fever, nasal congestion, muscle aches, headaches and...

Tongren Niuhuang Qingxin 10 Pills (Hong Kong Tongrentang Specialty Store Version)

Ingredients:Artificial bezoar, chuanxiong, ginseng, donkey-hide gelatin, platycodon, atractylodes, Bupleurum, angelica, dried ginger, white peony, yam, artificial musk, antelope horn, water Concentrated horn powder and other medicinal materials. FunctionsInvigorate qi and...
<transcy>Sinlanil Physiotherapy Intensive Elimination 60 Capsules</transcy>

Sinlanil Physiotherapy Intensive Elimination 60 Capsules

🔝Corrected the price of the German Physiotherapy Distinol Origin: Germany Specification: 60 Tablets Product Description: The best reputation in Hong Kong! 60 capsules of German Xiaoshisu [Strong] quality recommendation, four...
撒隆巴斯 撒隆適 清涼滲透膏貼24片.

Salombas Salonsi Cool Penetrating Plaster 24pcs

Product introduction: Salonbas Salonzi Cool Penetrating Plaster 24pcs (4987188526118) ☆ Cool and penetrate to relieve various aches and pains in various parts of the body☆ Muscle fatigue, muscle pain, shoulder...
烏髮濃®男士專用特效配方 60粒

烏髮濃®男士專用特效配方 60粒

頭髮恆久濃密豐厚的秘密獨有專為男士而設的中藥養髮配方 現時市面上出售的健髮產品大多可供男女使用,並沒有性別之分;可是,由於導致男女脫髮及白髮之原因有別,因此需要以不同的配方對症下藥。 烏髮濃® 男士專用特效配方乃特別針對男士的脫髮及白髮問題而研製的天然健髮食品,採用珍貴天然中草藥及經現代化的生產程序製造。烏髮濃® 男士專用特效配方能滋養肝腎,有助促進血液循環,令你長出強壯、烏黑而濃密的亮澤髮絲,改善因經常使用破壞性理髮用品、工作壓力及不均衡的飲食習慣等所引起之男士脫髮問題。 產品特點 刺激血管擴張,從而有助毛囊吸收更多營養及氧份,促進頭髮健康生長 清除自由基*,減少頭髮受到的損害 促進黑色素長成^,有助長出烏黑濃密頭髮 成份 製何首烏、靈芝、牛膝(鹽灸)、墨旱蓮、補骨脂(鹽炙)、菟絲子(鹽炙)、女貞子(酒製)等 包裝及用法 每粒600毫克,每盒60粒膠囊,淨重36克成人每日兩次,每次兩粒,以大量溫水吞服,餐前服用較佳。 男士脫髮的成因 1. 身體機能不平衡 若身體機能出現不平衡,不但會縮短頭髮之生長期,更會收縮頭髮毛囊,初步會令長出的頭髮越來越幼,繼而逐步脫落。 2. 家族性遺傳 男性脫髮大多與遺傳有關,若有家族遺傳脱髮,其頭髮生長期較短,及會產生有程序性的頭髮脫落,提早出現脫髮現象;而男性脫髮多集中於頭部某些位置,一般出現髮線呈“M”型向上升或頭頂光禿的現象。 3. 不均衡之飲食習慣 令油脂分泌過份旺盛 進食太多肉類、煎炸及油膩食物會造成油脂分泌旺盛,過多的油脂分泌會阻塞頭髮毛囊,令營養未能到達髮根而導致脫髮現象。 4. 工作壓力及焦慮 工作壓力及焦慮會阻礙毛囊正常地吸收養份,令養份無法隨血液到達頭皮,導致脫髮及白髮等情況出現。 5. 經常使用破壞性理髮用品 經常使用破壞性的化學理髮用品如定型泡沫、髮泥、及染髮劑等,都會對頭髮毛囊造成破壞,影響頭髮健康生長。 烏髮濃® 男士專用特效配方 經科學實驗證明 助你重新長出健康強壯髮絲* 現時市面上出售的健髮產品大多可供男女使用,並沒有性別之分;可是,由於導致男女脫髮及白髮之原因有別,因此需要以不同的配方對症下藥。 烏髮濃® 男士專用特效配方乃針對男士的脫髮及白髮等問題而研製的天然健髮食品,經科學實驗證明*,能顯著刺激血管擴張,有助毛囊吸收更多營養及氧份,令你重新長出健康強壯的髮絲。 經科學實驗證明*,烏髮濃® 男士專用特效配方能: 刺激血管擴張,有助毛囊吸收更多營養及氧份,促進頭髮健康生長烏髮濃® 男士專用特效配方經科學實驗證明能顯著刺激血管擴張,有助毛囊吸收更多營養及氧份,從而促進頭髮健康生長 ,減少脫髮及白髮問題。 有助減低頭髮傷害烏髮濃® 男士專用特效配方能清除自由基,減少頭髮受到的損害...
<transcy>COLTALIN Cough Cough 24 Capsules</transcy>

COLTALIN Cough Cough 24 Capsules

Full range of products Extra-strength happy cold cough factor Comprehensive formula for relieving cough and removing phlegm/cold and flu Effectively relieve cold and flu symptoms, including fever, runny nose, sneezing,...
<transcy>Lexin Ganmaoling 15 Tablets</transcy>

Lexin Ganmaoling 15 Tablets

Indications for symptoms caused by influenza, cold, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis and similar respiratory infections or allergies. Symptoms such as: headache, fever, skeletal muscle aches, swelling of...
<transcy>Hexing White Flower Oil 20ml (No. 1 Pack)</transcy>

Hexing White Flower Oil 20ml (No. 1 Pack)

Hexing White Flower Oil: Efficacy: relieve nasal congestion caused by cold or cold, relieve dizziness and headache, temporarily relieve muscle pain, motion sickness, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, anti-itching effect on...
<transcy>Li Zhongshengtang Bao Chai Wan 10 bottles per box</transcy>

Li Zhongshengtang Bao Chai Wan 10 bottles per box

Product descriptionEach bottle of Baoji Pills is designed in a small pill form. Compared with a large pill of the same weight, the small pill has a larger contact surface...
<transcy>Kang calcium C 30 sticks (orange flavor)</transcy>

Kang calcium C 30 sticks (orange flavor)

Product description Ingredients: 1000 mg of vitamin C + 260 mg of calcium 1/Each tablet of Kang calcium C contains 1000 mg of vitamin C + 260 mg of calcium,...
<transcy>Tiger brand million gold oil 19.4g (white)</transcy>

Tiger brand million gold oil 19.4g (white)

One hundred years of credibility and global marketing"Tiger Balm Essential Oil (Red)" follows a special formula and meticulous preparation, and meets strict pharmaceutical and quality standards. Natural herbal ingredients, mild...
<transcy>Vitamin C Double-Function Children's Mixed Fruit Flavor Chewable Tablets 90 Pieces (Vitamin C + Zinc)</transcy>

Vitamin C Double-Function Children's Mixed Fruit Flavor Chewable Tablets 90 Pieces (Vitamin C + Zinc)

Product descriptionVitamin C® dual-effect children's chewable tablets have a unique "vitamin C + zinc", and its effective ingredients help children grow and develop children. Vitamin C helps speed up the...
<transcy>Megumi Materna Pregnancy Calcium Folic Acid ⽚100 Capsules</transcy>

Megumi Materna Pregnancy Calcium Folic Acid ⽚100 Capsules

New packaging, Wyeth Materna Calcium Folic Acid Tablets for Pregnant Women contains 23 vitamins and minerals, folic acid and calcium, which supplement the nutrition needed by pregnant women. One capsule...
<transcy>Bansheng Bright Eyes 90 Capsules (Wanning 299)</transcy>

Bansheng Bright Eyes 90 Capsules (Wanning 299)

Japan Hansei Blueberry Bright Eyes 90 Capsules Family use the money, very comfortable, Not dry, not itchy, The best choice for my mobile phone control, 100% approved product, highly recommended...