Shipping policy

1. Delivery Arrangement| Freight Calculation | Delivery Country

Under normal circumstances, after the order is confirmed and the payment is successful, we will arrange the delivery within 1-2 working days, and then send it through the courier company.

The following is the delivery flow chart for domestic orders:

2. Analyze order

If the ordered goods exceed the regulations or requirements of the shipping destination, including but not limited to quantity, weight or total order amount, we will automatically split the order into small packages or send it on different days to comply with relevant regulations. The tracking number of the package will be emailed to you

The following is the flow chart of the split order:

3. Website security system

Please note that it is impossible for any system to be completely immune to intrusion, nor can any information provided on the Internet be completely secure. Therefore, the company cannot guarantee the security of the information transmitted by you to the company or received from the company on the Internet, but we will make every effort to protect the security of the information you provide.

4. Order shipping notification and order tracking

The company will send an email and SMS message about the delivery notice to the email address and mobile phone number of the order that has successfully confirmed the payment, listing the delivery content, order tracking number and postal company's webpage link in detail So that you can track the progress of your order delivery online. If you cannot find the "Shipping Notification" email, please check the junk folder in your email or contact us.

5. Delivery time

After receiving your order, the company will process the delivery as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the purchased products as soon as possible. However, delivery time may be affected by factors such as import laws, delivery methods, shipping arrangements, weather, emergencies, local holidays or festivals in individual regions. All listed delivery times are estimated delivery times, and we are not responsible for any damage or loss of goods caused by delays in delivery due to customs policies or tariffs. The company's office hours are Monday to Friday, Hong Kong time, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, except Hong Kong public holidays. Orders from Monday to Friday will be processed and shipped within three working days; orders on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays will be processed and shipped on the next working day. In order to protect the safety and interests of customers shopping on this website, all first-time shopping orders need to verify the credit card information with the bank before shipping. Therefore, the delivery time of the order may be longer than that of ordinary orders. During this period, you can log in to "My Account" to check the order processing status.

6. Undeliverable order issues

6.1 All products once ordered are not subject to return, exchange or refund. In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision. If the order cannot be delivered due to factors such as wrong delivery address, wrong zip code, multiple deliveries with no one to pick up, exceeding personal annual transaction volume, etc., the goods cannot be cleared and/or the recipient refuses to accept the package, etc. 20% of the total order amount will be deducted as a handling fee when refunding. We can arrange reshipment for the returned package, but you will need to pay the reshipment fee again.

6.2 All packages returned to the Hong Kong warehouse due to problems must be resent within 90 days. Our company will notify the customer with the contact information provided by the customer (including phone number or email). The customer has Responsibility to contact us for further processing, otherwise it will be treated as waste, and the company will handle it by itself, and the customer or purchaser shall not object.

6.3 Due to the customs policy, the identity information of the orderer needs to be verified by real name, and some packages may need to provide a photo of their ID card or passport for customs clearance. If the customer or purchaser fails to provide the relevant ID card or passport authentication photo and the package cannot be delivered, the order will not be returned or refunded.

7. Mainland China delivery and customs matters

7.1 According to the "Notice on Tax Policies for Cross-Border E-Commerce Retail Imports", starting from April 8, 2016, buyers of cross-border e-commerce retail imports ( The identity information of the orderer) requires real-name authentication, so the recipient's name must be the same as the Chinese name displayed on the ID card or passport.

7.2 There is an upper limit on the purchase amount of cross-border e-commerce retail imported goods for personal use. The amount of a single transaction cannot exceed RMB 5,000, and the amount of annual personal transactions cannot exceed RMB 26,000. When your single purchase amount exceeds RMB 5,000, this website will remind you; and when you confirm the order, it means that you have cleared your personal annual transaction limit. All orders that exceed the transaction limit of cross-border e-commerce retail imports for personal use may lead to delays in customs clearance. The company is not responsible for any damage or loss of goods caused by delivery delays caused by customs policies or tariffs. responsibility.