Weiyuantang Series

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位元堂養陰丸24粒裝 xccscss.

Weiyuantang Nourishing Yin Pills 24 Capsules

Weiyuantang Yangyin Pills Functions and indications: Helping righteousness, preventing illness and strengthening the body, warming yang and dispelling cold, replenishing qi and invigorating the spleen. It is suitable for the...
位元堂猴棗化痰散10⽀裝 xccscss.

Weiyuantang Monkey Jujube Resolving Phlegm Powder 10 Pack

Weiyuantang Houzao Chutan San is made of selected precious monkey dates and other preparations to eliminate phlegm and relieve cough, dispel wind and relieve convulsions, relieve vomiting and relieve diarrhea,...
位元堂 珠珀保嬰丹 6支裝 xccscss.

Wai Yuen Tong Pearl Baoying Pill 6pcs

https://youtu.be/0TUr8RTIkw0 Product introduction:*WeiYuanTang Pearl Bo Ying Pill 100% made in Hong Kong*Contains bezoar, pearl, amber Three major ingredients*Help to relieve convulsion and resuscitation, relieve phlegm and relieve cough* 100% natural...
位元堂 海底椰秋梨膏 180g xccscss.

Wai Yuen Tong Sea Coconut Autumn Pear Cream 180g

https://youtu.be/ejJrXv4uOEg Functions / Indications: Main ingredients: Glucose syrup, Sydney juice, water, sea coconut, lily, honey, enhancer (E466), vitamin C How to use: It can be consumed directly (one to two...