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<transcy>[German Version] SebaMed Baby Shampoo and Bath 2 in 1 200ml</transcy>

[German Version] SebaMed Baby Shampoo and Bath 2 in 1 200ml

100% made in Germany, the product contains complex moisturizing factors, squalene, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, etc., to protect sensitive skin and prevent dryness. The skin of newborn babies lacks...
Seba Med 施巴®活髮洗髮露 400ml xccscss.

Seba Med® Revitalizing Shampoo 400ml

Purpose or function Activate blood circulation in the head and skin, strengthen hair quality, and improve thinning hair Scope of application For those with thinning hair and hair loss tendencies...
Seba med 施巴 嬰兒潤膚露 200ML xccscss.

Seba med Baby Lotion 200ML

Product details: [Shiba] Baby Body LotionContains a variety of moisturizing factors to keep babies' skin light and moisturized. pH5.5 promotes the formation of a weakly acidic protective film on the...
<transcy>[German Version] Seba Med Baby Moisturizing Lotion 200ml</transcy>

[German Version] Seba Med Baby Moisturizing Lotion 200ml

Product introduction: It does not contain any pigments, and the especially soft formula optimizes the use effect to the greatest extent. Ensure that the baby's skin is not subject to...
<transcy>[German Version] SEBA PH5.5 Baby Moisturizing Facial Cream 75ml</transcy>

[German Version] SEBA PH5.5 Baby Moisturizing Facial Cream 75ml

Place of Origin Germany Product introduction •100% no soap base, slightly acidic pH5.5 • Maintain the skin's natural acid film stability • Unique after-use feeling, leaving your skin feeling clean,...
Seba Med 施巴®修護洗髮露 400ml xccscss.

Seba Med® Repair Shampoo 400ml

0 Purpose or function Wash and protect dry and damaged hair and skin, moisturize and moisturize, strengthen hair, smooth and easy to comb Scope of application For dry and damaged...
Seba Med 施巴 清爽潤膚露 200ML xccscss.

Seba Med Refreshing Body Lotion 200ML

Product introduction: Use or function High moisture and refreshing formula, quickly replenish skin moisture and relieve dryness and sensitivity Scope of application Suitable for normal and dry skin, with sensitive...
Sebamed 施巴 嬰兒護面霜 50ML xccscss.

Sebamed Baby Cream 50ML

Light texture, non-greasy and non-greasy, fast absorption, high moisture retention; Relieves the stimulation of saliva and environmental factors, pH5.5 skin-friendly formula, promotes the formation of weak acid protective film on...