Yu Ren Series

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余仁生保嬰丹6支裝 xccscss.

Eu Yan Sang Baoying Pill 6 packs

Hong Kong Eu Yan Sang Baoying Pill contains six bottles of Chinese patent medicine. Compared with western medicine, the side effects are much smaller. Hong Kong has a family essential...
余仁生猴棗化痰散一支裝 xccscss.

Eu Yan Sang Monkey Date Resolving Phlegm Loose One Pack

Eu Yan Sang Monkey Jujube Powder recommended for mothers and babies: Hong Kong Eu Yan Sang Monkey Jujube Phlegm Powder (1 bottle) Ingredients: Monkey Date, Bamboo Polygonatum, Dannan Star, Fangfeng,...
<transcy>Eu Yan Sang Open Milk Tea 12 packs</transcy>

Eu Yan Sang Open Milk Tea 12 packs

Nowadays, most babies suffer from gastrointestinal heat problems due to long-term intake of milk products, which affect their health. Eu Yan Sang Milk Tea is made with 100% natural herbal...
<transcy>Eu Yan Sang Seven Star Tea 12 Pack</transcy>

Eu Yan Sang Seven Star Tea 12 Pack

Product description‧Better digestion and sleep more peacefully‧Sugar-free formula to avoid sweet habits br data-mce-fragment="1">Quantity per piece 12 tea bags per box / 2 grams per tea bagHow to use Put...
余仁生靈芝孢子粉60粒 xccscss.

Eu Yan Sang Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder 60 Capsules

Combining spore powder and concentrated Ganoderma lucidumthe two ingredients, comprehensive efficacy Adopt GAP (Good Farming Practices) basisFirst-class and high-quality Ganoderma lucidum Using non-interference room temperature physical wall breaking technology, retains...
余仁生 純珍珠末 1盒.

Eu Yan Sang pure pearl powder 1 box

Product introduction: -100% pearl powder -Soothe the nerves, clear away heat, improve eyesight, beautify the skin 1 bottle per box / net weight 0.37g per bottle Detailed introduction-100% pearl powder...
余仁生 金牌白鳳丸(6樽裝) xccscss.

Eu Yan Sang Gold Baifeng Pills (6 bottles)

Eu Yan Sang Gold Baifeng Pills are selected from the ancient prescriptions of traditional experience and mixed with precious medicinal materials. This medicine has a long history and is well-known...