Ma Bailiang Pharmaceutical Factory Series

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馬百良 强身海狗丸 400粒裝 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Ma Bailiang Strengthening Seal Pills 400 Capsules

Commodity introduction:This pill is based on the principles of Chinese medicine, using more than ten kinds of precious medicinal materials, refined with modern technology, can overflow the door, help fire...
馬百良安宮牛王丸10粒 馬百良

Ma Bailiang An Gong Niu Wang Pills 10 Capsules

Ma Bailiang Angong Niuhuang Pills Ma Bailiang has a long history. Founded in 1822, Ma Bailiang, who is rooted in Hong Kong, has always developed and provided health care products...
馬百良清心牛黃丸 (十丸裝) 馬百良

Ma Bailiang Qingxin Niuhuang Pills (10 Pills)

Detailed introductionMain ingredients: danazin, scutellaria, ginger pinellia, agarwood, amber, bezoar, yellow lotus, silkworm, parsnip, trichosanthes, borneol, musk p> Functions: clearing away heat and resuscitating, quenching wind and eliminating phlegm, calming...
馬百良珠珀猴棗散 (6瓶) 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Ma Bailiang Zhupo Monkey Date Powder (6 bottles)

Product description Applicable: Xiaoer phlegm-heat convulsion, shortness of breath and throat, coughing and phlegm, palpitations, sleeplessness, liver heat and convulsion. Functions: clearing away heat and eliminating phlegm, relieving cough and...
馬百良人參再造丸 (十丸裝) 馬百良

Ma Bailiang Ginseng Reconstituted Pills (Ten Pills)

Detailed introductionMain ingredients: bezoar, musk, silkworm, parsnip, earthworm, scorpion, scorpion, agarwood, tortoise shell, Korean ginseng, black snake, Qianghuo , Borneol, scrophulariaceae, refined honey. Functions: expelling wind and phlegm, promoting blood...
馬百良烏雞白鳳丸 (6樽小蜜丸) 馬百良

Ma Bailiang Wuji Baifeng Pills (6 bottles of Xiaomi Pills)

Detailed introductionMain ingredients: Black-bone bone, Cyperus rotundus, Rehmannia glutinosa, Mugwort leaf, Artemisia annua, Poria, Rehmannia glutinosa, Achyranthes, Bupleurum, Moutan bark, Anemarrhena , Chuan Fritillaria, Gentiana, Digu Bark, Dried Ginger, Bird's...
馬百良 珠珀七厘散 10瓶 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Ma Bailiang Pearl Cocoa Powder 10 Bottles

Commodity descriptionThis powder is carefully formulated with precious raw materials, especially smooth, most suitable for babies, babies are shocked, gastrointestinal discomfort, rapid conditioning, sincere to Pediatrics Traveling at home should...
馬百良萬應保嬰丹 (6支) 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Ma Bailiang Wanying Baoying Pill (6 sticks)

Product description Applicable: Baby palpitations, sleep and sleep convulsions, irritability and crying, colds, colds, hot body and excessive sputum, cough and runny nose, bloating and pain, reluctance to eat, intestinal...