Wound care

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小林製藥創護寧液態膠布 (手部護理) 10g xccscss.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Chuanghuning Liquid Tape (Hand Care) 10g

Suitable for barbs, cuts, scrapes, scratches, cracks, cracks, burns, scalds The ultra-thin elastic transparent liquid adhesive protective film can cover the skin of the affected area and quickly dry and...
<transcy>Elastoplast elastic tape (100 pieces)</transcy>

Elastoplast elastic tape (100 pieces)

Elastoplast 100 pieces of elastic tape The brand-new Yiliduo can harden and cover the wound, preventing the invasion of bacteria and dirt. Its formula is gentle and skin-friendly, the pigments...
Prozone 一次性丁晴手套 (藍色無粉) (100個盒).

Prozone disposable nitrile gloves (blue powder-free) (100 boxes)

PROZONE disposable nitrile gloves (medium size) (no powder) (100 pcs/box)• powder-free • nitrile • non-sterileThe disposable nitrile gloves protect your hands and isolate you from harmful and dangerous substances. Functions...