Don't bother everyone, direct mail to the mainland as soon as 3 days!

大家唔使煩啦 直郵到內地 最快3天到達! 泰好批—網絡批發直銷
[Taihao Batch Direct Mail] is a safe and convenient in-store parcel delivery service, allowing you to easily send goods back to your country and collect them at home. This service is launched by China Post and Telecommunications Co., Ltd. and provides formal customs declaration.

The advantages of in-store postal services


China Post and Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (China Post and Telecommunications) was established in 2015. China Post and E-commerce is committed to providing cross-border e-commerce logistics customs clearance and unique postal tax payment services to realize a one-stop cross-border e-commerce service plan. China Post and E-commerce is an authorized unit of China Post (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. It has also been authorized by a number of state-owned enterprises with cross-border e-commerce operation qualifications, and has the strength to provide cross-border e-commerce service solutions. China Post and E-commerce has perfected the foundation of cross-border logistics and customs clearance. It uses self-developed IT technology combined with the best routing judgment logic to effectively reduce logistics costs and improve the quality of delivery services to solve the problem of goods entering the country. There are currently more than 30 companies. Companies adopt our cross-border e-commerce solutions.

In-store mail service
Point-to-point delivery allows you to enjoy the fun of cross-border shopping

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After shopping in the store, when you use the "Shop in Post" service, just receive our special courier bag, simply enter the "Shop in Post" WeChat official account and enter your courier information on the mobile app, and drop the required Goods parcels sent back home can be easily collected at home after about 7 to 14* working days. (*Note: Parcels sent by "Shop-in-Post" are international parcels, which are subject to customs monitoring and require time for declaration and customs clearance.)

Calculate the postage of the express bag without worrying about the weight of the package

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When using the "Shop-in-Post" service, you must receive the "Shop-in-Post" special courier bag, and the system will automatically calculate your postage based on the size of the special courier bag. The postage is only in Hong Kong dollars. 90 yuan, 130 yuan and 260 yuan, for you to plan carefully. (*Please refer to the official website bulletin for fees and details)

Simplify customs declaration and tax declaration procedures, saving time and peace of mind

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The "Shop China Post" service is provided by China Post and Telecommunications Co., Ltd. to provide formal customs declarations. China Post and Telecommunications are authorized by China Post (Hong Kong). Our professional and experienced team will properly arrange all cross-border for you Logistics customs declaration and tax agency, let you avoid complicated procedures and save valuable time.

Professional logistics services in the store simplify customs and tax declaration procedures for you

First stop


The logistics team collects parcel goods at various stores every day

Second stop


The transfer station of the store-in-post warehouse logistics center divides the goods into categories

The third stop


Customs declaration for goods

The fourth stop


Types of consumers pay taxes on WeChat

Fifth station


China-Hong Kong Logistics Customs Clearance

Sixth station


The goods are delivered to consumers' homes

Before customers use the shopexpress service, please log in to the official website to check the detailed terms and conditions:, and the information is subject to the official website update.


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