Japan's Mingli strong heart is suitable for people with "three highs"

日本命力強心素適合「三高」人士 泰好批—網絡批發直銷

Japan's Mighty Force Strong Heart Element

Japan's Mingli strong heart vegetarian TV commercials are freshly released

Japan's Mingli strong heart is suitable for the "three highs" people

Heart problems are the third killer in Hong Kong, and the blood vessels of the brain are also second to fourth. The problem is getting younger and rising rapidly. Hong Kong people’s diet is imbalanced, working pressure is high, and their pace is rapid. They often eat ready-to-eat high-risk foods. In order to increase the appeal of taste and color, foods containing high oil, salt, sugar, and low fiber are unavoidable and tend to accumulate too much heart ducts. Grease particles and bad fat make the pipeline narrow, increase the risk of clogging the pipeline, and seriously endanger the heart health.

Nattokinase cold knowledge

The quality and effect of nattokinase cannot be judged by how many milligrams each product contains, because the activity of the enzyme is based on its fibrinolytic rate FU (Fibrinolytic Units) as its activity unit. Taking 2000FU can avoid cardiovascular problems. Nattokinase can affect the clotting time. You should stop taking nattokinase two days before surgery, tooth extraction, or trauma. You can take it again one week after surgery or tooth extraction. After trauma, you can take it only after the wound is completely healed. Unblock blood vessels and reduce heart pressure As early as the 1980s, Japanese medical professors had made clinical studies, and the results pointed out that nattokinase can dissolve the viscous substances in the blood, and the pressure dropped by 10%. The solubilization of nattokinase is mild and continuous, which can last for more than 8 hours.

Japan Mingli Cardiotonin is suitable for the following people:

  • Persons suffering from the "three highs" diet are fatty, Overweight,
  • Lack of exercise Life is tight,
  • Always stay up late, have a habit of smoking and drinking, dizziness, blood deficiency, and common fatigue
  • This product is suitable for people who are concerned about blood lipids/cholesterol*

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